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Leadership – Hanhaga

ID-100249232Think for a moment and note the characteristics you consider essential in a worthy leader.

According to Jewish perspective, a true leader is someone who ascertains his/her basic values then emphasizes conduct that reflects those values. Our children are our leaders for the future, and to thrive as a community we need virtuous leaders. What are those values that we hope will support our children in their leadership roles? How will we guide them to lead with the core values that we as a Jewish community believe in? What values do we hope will be their guiding light and foundation?

Parents play a fundamental role in nurturing leadership qualities in children. In order to inspire these future leaders, truthfully examine yourself and reflect on the place where you are a leader at work, in your home or in your community.

  • Can you name the values that reflect your leadership principles?
  • Are your actions in your leadership role consistent with the values that you see as vital?

ID-100375903Your actions will guide your children on their path to becoming good leaders. Teach them to:

  • Do the right thing, even when no one is watching.
  • Take responsibility when they have done something wrong.
  • Do things that reflect good citizenship.
  • Listen to others and consider their thoughts and feelings.

Parents have opportunities everyday to enrich their children’s leadership skills. Using Jewish values as a foundation, we can guide our children to become honorable leaders in our society.

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