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Mussar for Children: Jewish Values for Everyday Living  curriculum includes the following:  Jewish values for children

  • Family Introduction Letter (explains the program to family)

  • Teacher Introduction Letter (explains the program to teachers)

  • Teacher Objectives  Jewish values for children

  • Information on purchasing or creating a Puppet Assistant

  • A printable scroll in English, Hebrew, and its transliteration helps children realize that each Jewish value (middah) was understood long ago and that understanding has been passed down to us.  Jewish values for children

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  • Articles describe the value and are perfect for school newsletters, or they can be sent directly to families. The articles help families become aware of the value that is being learned in school.  Jewish values for children

  • Classroom activities help children explore and relate to the middah personally.  Jewish values for children

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  • Questions in a Jar Activities stimulate thought and class discussion about the middah.  Jewish values for children


  • Classroom Self-Awareness/Reflection Activities help children personally relate to the middah Jewish values for children

  • Drawing Page: children create a page for each middah which is turned into a book at the end of the year.  Jewish values for children

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  • Letters to parents inform them about what their child is learning in school and guide them in reinforcing the values at home.

  • Home/School Connection Activities provide opportunities for families to practice the middah together.  Jewish values for children
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  • A resource list relating to the Jewish value helps parents and teachers choose books that are age appropriate and foster discussion and reinforcement of the middah Jewish values for children

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Jewish educators can now purchase a curriculum to foster Jewish values in children ages 3 to 8 years of age. This is the only program of its kind infused with the wisdom and insights of the Mussar tradition for Jewish character development. We look forward to sharing with you what may be a most important project for shaping the future of the Jewish community — building the character of our children. Families will enjoy the sweet rewards of this journey you take together. 


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 Jewish values for children

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