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Friendship or Y’didut in Hebrew

BLOG 3 FRIENDSJewish tradition teaches us that friendship should be a shared responsibility. A friend is thought to be someone who helps to make you a better person and offers you support and companionship.  Jewish values for children

The character traits of the friends we choose are important because they directly relate to our ethical choices. The people with whom we spend time and form friendships directly impact the way we live our lives. Therefore, we realize how important it is for our children to choose friends wisely. Jewish values for childrenBLOG FRIENDS 2

For some children, making friends can be difficult, and finding out someone isn’t a true friend can be painful. We have all watched as our children are hurt by failed or difficult friendships. Much to our disappointment we can’t choose our children’s friends for them, but we can do something very important that will influence whom they choose: we can choose our own friends wisely! We can model true and valuable friendships for our children. We can have the kind of friends that we would like our children to have, and we can be the kind of friend that we would like our children to be. If we want children to be loyal friends, then we need to show them what friendship looks like.  Jewish values for children


The Mussar For Children Curriculum integrates Jewish values into the classroom and connects those values with activities completed at school and at home. Children learn through puppets, songs, activities, and practice. Teachers receive lesson plans, activities, book lists, and articles for school newsletters. Parents receive communication that explains the middah that their children are learning about, along with relevant book lists and activities that can be done at home to further reinforce the value.  Jewish values for children


Mussar for Children: Jewish Values for Everyday Living was created by Michelle Princenthal in partnership with The Mussar Institute. It is the only values for children curriculum of its kind geared specifically for young children.



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