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The Mussar Institute is happy to announce the development of a Mussar curriculum for children ages three to eight. Mussar for Children: Jewish Values for Everyday Living integrates Jewish values into the classroom and family life and includes school and family activities, stories, directed discussions, and more. Mussar for Children encourages a cooperative, inquiry-based learning approach while promoting the growth of children’s spiritual and ethical development. The program provides a starting point for creating awareness, fostering discovery, and inspiring reflection.  Jewish values for children

The Mussar For Children Curriculum connects Jewish values with activities completed at school and at home. Children learn through puppets, songs, activities, and practice. Teachers receive lesson plans, activities, book lists, and articles for school newsletters. Parents receive communication which explains the middah that their children are learning, along with relevant book lists and activities that can be done at home to further reinforce the value.  Jewish values for children

If you are a Jewish educator working with young children, you can purchase the Mussar for Children lessons in a series or the entire curriculum.  Jewish values for children

The Mussar for Children: Jewish Values for Everyday Living Curriculum was created by Michelle Princenthal in cooperation with The Mussar Institute. It is the only values for children curriculum  geared specifically for young children.  Jewish values for children


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 Jewish values for children

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